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Free for One Day | 10 Things We Should Never Say to Kids | January 02, 2018

I'm giving away a some free stuff this week, because I can … and because my problem is not piracy, my problem is obscurity (h/t Cory Doctorow).

The Free stuff on January 02, 2018 is a copy of 10 Things We Should Never Say to Kids.

Here are the 10 Things We Should Never Say to Kids:
1. Do You Have Your Jacket-Homework-Gym-Bag-Back-Pack-Ticket-Keys?
2. What Were You Thinking!
3. Because I Said So.
4. You Are Such a Pretty Little Thing.
5. I’m Proud of You!
6. You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To.
7. Let Me Tell You What Happened Here.
8. That’s Not How You Do It!
9. Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around.
10. I Give Up.
Are these the absolute worst things we can say to a child? Of course not. What qualifies these 10 things for my list is:
1st — kids hear these things all the time 
2nd — these things drive kids a little nuts, even if they don’t know it
Finally — these things sound plausible (+ kids don’t know better) 
This little book is about not saying those 10 things — and what to say instead
January 03, the price reverts to $5.99.
Feel free to invite your neighbors, friends + other loved ones to grab a free copy. 
Shake things up this year … start a book club … shock your children…. Happy New Year. 

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