Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rage | A New Crisis HelpSheet for Youth Workers

Rage | A New Crisis HelpSheet for Youth Workers

Kids don’t usually get in trouble for being angry, frustrated, or afraid. 
Kids get in trouble when they break people’s stuff.
They get in trouble for making public threats.

They get in trouble when they hurt people, animals, and themselves.
Kids get in trouble when they rage.
Rage is uncontrolled fury, expressed in lashing out, violence, destruction, or self-harm. 
A new one-page Crisis HelpSheet for Youth Workers can help you figure out what to do when a kid rages. It’s part of a collection from Jim Hancock + thetinycompanycalledme.com that includes free and low-cost Crisis HelpSheets on...
….with more in the pipeline, coming soon.

Crisis HelpSheets for Youth Workers aren’t everything — they’re not, for example, legal or medical advice, or counseling manuals. What they are, is an answer to the question, "What do I say to the parent who's bringing her kid to talk with me this afternoon about bullying, self-harm, sexual abuse, suicide…."

Rage is the newest Crisis HelpSheet for Youth Workers. Drop by thetinycompanycalledme and pick up your copy — or send a youth worker friend who could use some help figuring out what to do when people are in a tough spot.


Jim Hancock

PS: Stay tuned for more Crisis HelpSheets in the months ahead.... 

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