Friday, January 05, 2018

Free for One Day | Under the Moon + Stars [feat. Mark Yaconelli] | Jan 05, 2018

Free for One Day: Under the Moon + Stars [feat. Mark Yaconelli]

I'm giving away a some free stuff this week, because I can … and because my problem is not piracy, my problem is obscurity (h/t Cory Doctorow).

Mark Yaconelli is one of the best storytellers I know.
Under the Moon + Stars is a story Mark told one afternoon while we were talking about the sort of people who help other people grow up. If the wind is favorable, that help comes when we’re kids. If not, it comes later, when our paths cross with people like Mark. 

This little movie is about listening to people, and encouraging folks to listen to their own lives for clues about where they might go in light of where they’ve been.

If you’re a teacher, a preacher, a youth worker, or a parent, you can use this short film to 
  • illustrate a talk or lesson
  • start a conversation in a small group
  • engage the group that gathers around your kitchen table.

Feel free to invite your neighbors, friends + other loved ones.

Happy New Year, 

Jim Hancock 

PS: January 06, the price reverts to $5.99.

PPS: Stay tuned for a little more free stuff soon.... 

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