Sunday, July 17, 2016

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 07.16.16

An opinion piece by religion historian Stephen Prothero | "Cultural politics are always a politics of nostalgia...."

Neither more nor less | New report from State of Colorado finds teen marijuana use stable since legalization

What these schools are not saying in so many words is they don't think much of the quality of people who've been seeking admission | Prestigious colleges reframe what matters in life by rethinking what looks good on admission forms

ya'll | Thoughts & Prayers: The Game

Erstwhile Republican apologist  The trivializing of Christian faith | "It's like watching a man insult a mirror."

Proof that it's possible to learn + live on our home planet | "...scientists identified a problem, the public grew concerned, and politicians acted to solve it"

Parker Palmer on what it will take to move forward together | "We need citizens with chutzpah and humility to occupy our civic space and call American democracy back to health."

Jonathan Capehart, an expert in the field, writes | ..."as every African American knows, a routine traffic stop is never routine when you’re black"

A lovely + loving origin story from Stephen Colbert | the sneeze of truth

The namesake of General Robert E. Lee stakes his claim from the pulpit | "Now is the time to stand with the oppressed, to put our money where our mouths are and say, 'Enough is enough.'”

@commonsense offers a handy mashup of geekspeak + social media shorthand for people who weren't born digital

Anne Lamott on hard luck + bad news | “grace always bats last, it just does--and finally, when all is said and done .... Love is sovereign here.

several new adult beverages available this summer don't look like alcohol - e.g.

the world breaks everyone | midway through a heartbreaking month @youthspecialties posts this to help kids make change where they are

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