Friday, June 03, 2016

yes ... but | on behaving like Donald Trump

My primary reaction to the candidacy of Donald Trump is revulsion.

I have found nothing praiseworthy in the arc of his life, his values, his demeanor, this ideas, his words....

Having said that — and I expect to say it again — I am also revulsed by the actions of people who express their opposition to Donald Trump by behaving like Donald Trump.

I live in a creative world where we frequently add-to and improve each other's work by saying, "Yes, and what about this...."

Watching people harass folks leaving a Trump rally — menacing and dehumanizing them, treating them very much as I imagine Donald Trump might treat people he regards with contempt (if he thought he could get away with it) — I cannot say, Yes, and ... I have to say, Yes, but....

Yes, I am revulsed in every way by Donald Trump's behavior. But, I am also revulsed by your behavior.

If you act like Donald Trump then, in that sense, you are following Donald Trump.

And that's no good at all.

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