Tuesday, April 26, 2016

hope I die before I get old

From Vanity Fair, "7 Questions for the Baby-Boomer Generation’s Bluntest Life Coach, Michael Kinsley,"
Let’s say you’re talking with someone who’s 25 and the subject of old age comes up. What’s the most important piece of advice you would offer?
Try to avoid it. There is, of course, an obvious way to avoid it. Avoid that, too. From the library of clich├ęs about misfortune, choose a cheery one as your theme. “It could be worse,” though profoundly true, is not all that comforting. Try to do better.
I believe I will take this to mean something like, "I can turn into my parents i want ... but I don't have to. I can, if I want, keep growing and serving and adding fresh goodness to the world right up to the last minute. Why not do that?"

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