Friday, March 25, 2016

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 03.25.16

Stephen Colbert welcomes Macklemore, Ryan Lewis + friends to The Late Show + disrupts my sleep.

post-Gee-Whiz digital life | more than ½ of US teens say they need-and take-device breaks daily

what are you reading? | asks + tweens answer

progress | everybody dies—but not as fast as we did about a minute ago

A common complaint... high schools fail to look into reports of student-on-student sexual assault cases at all ?

Wall Street, we have a marketing opportunity | 95% of kids under 10 don't have phones

read it yourself | transcript of Donald J. Trump with editors at the Washington Post

high school football fatalities | this is our mess...

Millennial Irony! | A trend story about millennials, by the New York Times