Friday, January 01, 2016

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 12.31.15

the year in gun violence | If you're OK with things as they are for a little longer, no action is required

"Take the redemption of the ungodly and the love of enemy out of the Christian faith, and you un-Christian it"

2002–14 teen DUI-alcohol fell from 16.2 - 6.6%. DUI-alcohol+pot dropped from 2.2 - 1.4%

what would cool Jesus do? | a remarkable piece of writing in this season of longing

a bracing - and, I think, fair - commentary on male fragility in these United States - you …

Meet Your Second Wife | SNL (+ comedy) at its best

short + sweet | The Editorial Board of the Washington Post on the spirit of Jesus this Christmas

comfort + joy | "scaring people is a fantastic way to sell things"

Pastor: "my family of faith is wrong on guns."

No father should ever have clear cause to feel this... but here we are. Let's get busy [h/t @EphremSmith]

Thanks, , for affirming that . May your tribe increase

think of it as video dim sum @ the closing of the year

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