Thursday, December 31, 2015

At $2, think of it as video dim sum.

All the video at me is now just $2 a serving - except the stuff that's free.

Under the Moon + Stars (feat. Mark Yaconelli)
The newest piece is called Under the Moon + Stars, featuring Mark Yaconelli telling a delightful story about something that happened the summer he was 13 years-old. It's a great way introduce a conversation about the future, about dreaming, about growing up, about being the person who believes in people + about the people who believe in us...

All the videos at are short, sweet, cheap and tuned to ignite reflection + conversation about faith + spiritual formation, about taking risks, going deep, growing up.

Know anyone who cares about things like that? Send them on over for a free taste, or an inexpensive meal, you know for... the soul.

Happy New Year.


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