Wednesday, October 21, 2015

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 10.20.15

Where kids get the guns they carry + how to reduce the incidence of minors carrying firearms

Free 2015 National Bullying Prevention Month resources for teenagers

Sanitized for your protection|Is this a thing where you live?

teenage tobacco use 2014

the price we pay for easing access to firearms just about all the time for just about anyone

States with informed antibullying laws reduce by 20% compared with other states

US teenagers by the numbers |annual death rate declined more than 1/3 from 1999 through 2013

Digital Differences | Teenage Boys, Girls, Social Media + Romance

The less $ parents made 2011-14, the more likely their children were diagnosed w/ ADD or ADHD

US high school cigarette, cigar + marijuana smoking declined 1997–2013—% using pot but not tobacco rose

fatal crash rates for teen drivers fell 56% 2004–13—but car crashes still kill more teens than all causes

Putin + Power | Food for thought from Fareed Zakaria

playing doctor | new report on how state lawmakers insert themselves between us + our physicians