Tuesday, September 01, 2015

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 08.28.15

Too early | Early school day start as a risk factor for adolescents

grade-by-grade | a parents guide to primary school learning objectives + methods buff.ly/1DMLaEc

UPDATE on the great northern migration | turns out it's 98043 buff.ly/1E07U3w

holy moley | Stephen Colbert talks about life, the universe + everything buff.ly/1J3a13q

Future Framers of America | 15 year-old presidential candidate polling well in early states

when they're good they're very good + when they're bad they're horrid | suspect social apps buff.ly/1JvTElo

Diagnosis | 1997-2014: Has a health professional ever told you your child had ADHD or ADD?

social media network effect | a bit overstated + clunky perhaps, but here's a useful case study buff.ly/1Vi7A4S

The first time | new data on when college students are most likely to first try controlled substances

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