Sunday, August 09, 2015

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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

passages | 92024 - 98155 (give or take) UPDATE

If you were thinking about coming to visit Susan and/or me in San Diego, think instead of what that visit might be like in Seattle - because that's where we'll be... tomorrow (assuming nothing weirder happens than us moving from San Diego to Seattle).

[UPDATE: We've found a lovely place to live in Mountlake Terrace, Washington - a touch more than ten miles north of Seattle proper (that's 98043 for those keeping score at home). It's worlds away from our little southern California beach town - there are big trees and blackberry brambles out the back door, and it's remarkably quiet. Second night in town we saw Kate in Shakespeare's As You Like It in the Seattle Shakespeare Company outdoor summer series; fourth night, we heard her sing a hilarious and delightful new song in the 17th annual New Voices concert at Seattle Repertory Theater - so, off to an entertaining start! Just a bit more unpacking and settling (thanks for helping with the move-in Hamers + Jaegers!) and we'll be fully operational. 

On this first day of school for many families we love, I suppose we're feeling the end of summer too - sad to have left our good life and lovely friends in California... and excited for all that's ahead.]

Leaving Colorado in 2000, we expected to land in the Seattle area but found ourselves happily rerouted for 15 wonderful years at the beach. Now, in the ebb and flow of all things, we’ve decided to complete the journey. We sold our little beach home at blinding speed, and we’re on our way.
In terms of work, other than physical location, nothing changes - the tiny company called me is still open for business, just farther north.
This move brings us back together with our daughter, the amazing Kate Jaeger and her wonder-spouse Eli, so we're majorly stoked about that. This reunion mitigates some of the melancholy we feel in leaving dear friends and neighbors in our remarkable San Diego community (we never expected that sort of closeness - what a crazy, beautiful grace... Thank you.)
So, on we go! More news when there is more...