Thursday, May 07, 2015

testing, testing | a new video delivery system

To test a new delivery system for digital videos from the tiny company called me, I'm offering three digital shorts from The Post-Ironic Millennial for one redonkulously low price. Just follow the onscreen link in the video below to get all three movies for as little as $2.79. (What! That's crazy!) You heard me right: For as little as $2.79, you can grab all three of these oddball discussion pieces. 

But wait, there's more! (No!) Yes! In addition to having these huggable keepsakes for your very own, you can gift them as free rentals to three friends of your choosing at no additional charge to you or any other party, living or dead. Now that's what I call major motion picture magic.

"But, hold up: Where's the Study Guide?" you ask... Not to worry — you can use these movies in your small group with The Last Study Guide You'll Ever Need. Or, heck! They're HiDef — project 'em on a giant screen if you like! These copies are yours to do with as you please for as little as $2.79.

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