Monday, May 18, 2015

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 05.17.15

The last study guide you'll ever need

T or F: The main reason teenagers don't use birth control or protection is fear their parents will find out

Muslims say they denounce terrorism + then get lambasted for failing to denounce terrorism

degrees of difference | HuffPo surveys changes in college students + college life 2005-2015

Mixed Mesages | or, A note from Chicago about white privilege h/t Polly Toner

Reading Rainbow The Next Generation | Launching Today

The Science of Scarcity | a provocative read on cycles of poverty

jim hancock: New Data | Generational Shifts in American Adolescents' Religious Orientation from 1966-2014

The Post-Ironic Millennial Speaks | Updated

Nones, Dones, and Flannel Graph Jesus |

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