Sunday, March 29, 2015

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 03.28.15

"Teens are busy, I guess" | non texting things young drivers do behind the wheel

all in the name | are you keeping an eye out for burnbook?

all things being equal, they're not | girls + boys + parents + connected devices

self-talk | Caution: This may or may not be French

too much to ask? | I know what you've heard, but...

Sunday, March 08, 2015

in the wind | tweets from the space ending 03.07.15

@CommonSense Guide to Crafting, Coding, Composing + Directing 

Remember Bambi? Much-loved family films with scary scenes  

"You Must Be 13" | developing sensible social media rules for teenagers 

Journalist isn't afraid 'non-believers' will make her feel like an outcast; she's scared Christians will 

According to Nielson | kids, TVs, web, 2nd screens + social media [not 100% clear infographic, but useful]

Millennials | alien invaders turning out to be human after all

The Colbert Catechism | kidding around about faith 

A one-click app to report cyberbullying

5,178 in 2012 | US suicide trends among 10–24-year-olds, 1994–2012 

In 2013, among HS girls + boys who dated, ~ 21% of girls + 10% of boys suffered violence