Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If... Poverty in the US

We're a long, long way from erasing poverty in the US. Not even close yet.

That said, if I'm glad that something like 10 million of my fellow citizens — who couldn't afford health insurance in the past — are now covered (with real coverage, not just the old laws that prohibited poor people from being turned away by hospital emergency departments) — then why would I vote for someone who wants to return those citizens to higher risk and expose taxpayers to the greater costs associated with emergency-room-only health crisis interventions (because somebody pays for the costs of health care for uninsured people)?

We're not even close to addressing the systemic issues that contribute to poverty in the US, but we've taken the first steps to remove inadequate health care from the list of factors that can plunge people into poverty and keep them there. So why wouldn't I get out on November 4th to vote for someone...
  • who doesn't believe that poverty is inevitable
  • who doesn't assume every poor person is a moral failure
  • who is willing to work for an America where we refuse to bow to problems that are solvable when we work together
...seriously: why wouldn't I?

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