Saturday, September 27, 2014

MINO vs CINO | Do you believe everyone who claims to be a Muslim is, in fact, a Muslim?

Do you believe everyone who claims to be a Muslim is, in fact, a Muslim?

How about this: Do you believe everyone who claims to be a Christian is, in fact, a Christian?

How about these guys, the Church of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan?
What do we believe in our Church? We believe in the Bible before liberals translated it. We of the White Race came from Adam and Eve, not monkeys. The Bible clearly shows we are of one lineage, and makes reference to Beasts who walked on two legs. It also spoke of the wrongs of sleeping with these beasts. So we believe that blacks are not our Brothers and Sisters, but are beasts of burden.  To accept evolution fully, is to say that we are equal with these animals, which history shows that we are not equal to, and in fact are superior to.  While the Supreme Court has accepted animals to Vote and Marry with our race, we have not and never will accept this.
They are a 501(C)(3) tax exempt religious organization. Do you think they represent the mainstream of Christian faith? Do you think they represent Jesus? Or do you think they may be Christians in name only?

Going out on a limb here to propose that most Christians would not agree to have the Church of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan speak for them in matters of faith and practice — is it any further out on a limb to imagine there are Muslims who abhor and reject the hatred and violence of people who are Muslims in name only?

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Julie Ann said...

HI Jim,
I completely agree with you - the vast majority of Muslins are NOT what we see in the fringe radical groups getting so much attention these days. However, I have to agree with President Obama on this - more Muslims need to stand up and say "No this is wrong!"

Many, many Christians have stood up and declared such abhorrent groups like the Klu Klux Klan as fringe groups who do not represent Christians as a whole. Christians have in fact gone to great lengths to show otherwise, as far back as marching with Dr. King to today by protesting with those in Ferguson MO. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, we do not hear the voice of the majority of Muslims denouncing the acts of these radical groups. We need to hear them loud and clear.

Others have said this much more eloquently than I have, but unless the peace loving majority stands up and says something, they become irrelevant to the issue. Look at Nazi Germany - the peace loving majority of Germans became irrelevant as a small number of hate-filled Nazis killed millions. As Winston Churchill said, "Bad things happen when good men stand by and do nothing."

I welcome and long to hear the voice of the majority of Muslims, but unfortunately, all I hear right now is crickets.
Thanks for listening to me -Julie Ann