Saturday, February 08, 2014

OK, so I'm paying more for health coverage each month (sort of)

I'm not gonna lie to you: My monthly health coverage premium is higher now than before the Affordable Care Act — and it's already saving me money.

Before the Affordable Care Act most of the medications in my family were completely out of pocket, charged at full retail, because the law allowed my insurer to exclude coverage of preexisting conditions.

So what?

So...the refills that cost around $200 a pop in 2013 cost less than $50 in 2014. Which means  ObamaCare is working for me.

So...if you haven't already jumped into the insurance pool, come on in, the water's fine...

[btw, an entrepreneur friend — married, 40ish, two young children — told me his monthly premiums are $300 less now, with a lower deductible and better coverage than he had before, so...horror story averted I guess.]

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