Sunday, August 04, 2013

in the wind | tweets from the week ending 08.03.13

Selfies | How much pressure do girls put on themselves to be camera-ready at all times?

before they were U2 | everybody comes from someplace

Update on the Update on "Raising Adults: updated and free (briefly)" 

Banking on Education | college students borrow money at 800% higher interest than banks 

at your service | they'll see your dollar shave club and raise you a monthly visitor (and then some!)

McPoverty Calculator | how much more would you pay for Big Mac if it ensured a living wage to workers? 

teenage dating abuse report | is it worse than we think?

more than one way to kill the pain | a small idea from Raising Adults

Here's a new burger joint in Detroit that starts workers at $12/hr + is profitable after just three months

Sunny Day | 10 best musical guests on Sesame Street 

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