Friday, August 30, 2013

Epidemic | a letter from Senator Elizabeth Warren


There have been more than 100 shootings in Boston since the Marathon in April.

Think about that. If 100 people went to Massachusetts General Hospital with a 

mysterious virus in four months, we would treat it as an epidemic. There would 
be headlines, alarms, and calls for action.

This week, I stood with Boston Mayor Tom Menino, Senator Ed Markey, 

and Mayors Against Illegal Guns at Faneuil Hall to demand stronger national 
gun laws. We're not going to stop our call for action.
Some people say that gun laws should be left to the states, but state laws just 
aren't enough. 

We have some of the country's toughest gun control laws in Massachusetts, 

but Mayor Menino has pointed out that an astonishing 65% of the guns recovered 
at crime scenes in Boston come from out of state. Unlike Massachusetts, nearby 
states like New Hampshire and Maine don't require a permit or license to buy a 
gun, so people can buy guns there and drive back to Massachusetts with the 
trunk loaded up.

Nationwide, only 60% of gun sales are subject to a federal background check 

because of the gun show loophole and other gaps in oversight. Background 
checks are a simple and effective step that would help keep guns out of the 
wrong hands, and we need to close the gaps.

I know a minority of Senators blocked this bipartisan bill earlier this year, but 

I'm not going to stop fighting. Neither is President Obama, who just yesterday 
announced an executive order to close more of the loopholes.

But too many loopholes remain. Our children are at risk. Until we have made 

our schools and our streets safer -- here in Massachusetts and across the 
-- we're going to keep talking about this issue.

Thank you for being a part of this,


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