Sunday, July 07, 2013

in the wind | tweets from the week ending 07.06.13

Class Diagnosis | a small idea from Raising Adults

Do we believe the “children are our future.” From preschool to higher ed, "we are proving the opposite is true" 

New: Know what info Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) allows websites to collect from kids?

T.I. + Snoop Lion on gun violence: "We're trying to rid the world of violence one day at a time."

Prescription painkiller deaths up over 400% among women + 265% among men. 

staying alive | LeVar Burton, Wynton Marsalis + Don Lemon on how black men respond in a traffic stop

Nat'l Retail Federation finds muted optimism in #parents going into Fall 2013. How's this affect #youthwork budgets?

'Normal' Barbie By Nickolay Lamm 

Style or Substance? GoldieBlox is a story-based construction toy designed for young girls

class diagnosis in a nutshell | a small idea from Raising Adults 

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