Monday, June 10, 2013

in the wind | tweets from the week ending June 08, 2013

Less is more | Annual servings of sugary drinks + cereals to US kids decline by double-digits 

guns guns guns | 4695 US Firearm Deaths Since Newtown

Affordable Health Coverage | Coming Soon to a Household Near You 

I support 'Can music change the world?'

Digital Deceptions | Macfee report on kids misleading parents about online behavior + what to do

I'm not sure there's any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug. - Seth Godin

aren't you glad to be alive? | different doesn't have to be scary 

pay me now or pay me later | US student loans at the crisis point 

Thumbwars | peer-to-peer campaign to end texting while driving

credit where credit is due | a small idea from Raising Adults

Free iPad app Kindoma lets children read with parents, grands, older sibs-whoever!-from anywhere in the world

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