Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get the Lead Out | The Newtown Massacre Six Months On

Friday December 14 to Friday June 14...

Six months from realizing the shocking ease with which 20 children can be slaughtered in just a few minutes to realizing the shocking ease with which US legislators can desecrate the names of those children through craven inaction month after month.

Is there a better time to tell your elected officials you want meaningful action to regulate the sale of firearms and ammunition through universal background checks — including internet and gun show sales — and funding law enforcement to measure results and ensure compliance?

P.S. This week, the number of Americans killed by firearms since the Newtown massacre topped 5,000 while the US Congress continues to pretend there's nothing they can do. Are you okay with that? If not, tell your Members of Congress to get the lead out.

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