Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Affordable Health Coverage | Coming Soon to a Household Near You

Last week, California's new health benefit exchange released the first round of information about coverage and rates for people like me who are not covered by company insurance plans.

It looks pretty much like what we were promised in the Affordable Care Act—what my sputtering uncle refers to as Obamacare.

In my case, I'll be able to stick with my current health coverage provider (with whom I'm very happy, thank you very much). At a quick read, it looks like the policy will meet, and possibly exceed, my current coverage. The major difference is that I will pay less than I pay now.

This is not a government giveaway. This is what scale looks like. The 13 plans tentatively approved in California have looked at the influx of new business under the Affordable Care Act and identified ways to make a profit by providing a high quality service. Do they welcome the regulatory framework that holds them accountable for the quality of that service? Who cares? They see a clear path to making an honest buck. It looks like a win/win.

The next, more detailed, round of information for California releases this fall. Meanwhile, the overview booklet is here, and there's a cost estimator here.

If your state is behind the curve setting up its health coverage exchange, the California plan may provide general guidance on what you can expect.

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