Saturday, May 11, 2013

in the wind | tweets from the week ending 05.10.13

'Here is Today' Infographic (all times approximate + may depend on where you're standing)

like there was no tomorrow | a small idea from Raising Adults 

Um...those snapchat shots that disappear forever after 10 seconds...apparently they don't

Millennials Rising | what could be more delicious than Boomers calling others "self-centered"? 

We segregate our neighborhoods by politics + race, but "the online social network is anti-gerrymandered" - Godin

Where Buzzfeed says people are actually going on the internet 

Pregnancy Text: kids text a "baby" to a friend's mobile to stir conversation on teen pregnancy

the soup they're in | a small idea from Raising Adults 

UPDATE 05.06.13 On May 03, US gun deaths since the Newtown massacre topped 3,235 

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