Saturday, March 23, 2013

in the wind | tweets from the week past

Following the nitrous oxide/whippet meme? Here's the NIH fact sheet: #parent #youthworker #partydrug

"You are the parent, and a screen doesn't change that." @beccasara #parent #youthworker

What if there were just 100 people in the would we regard each other?

John's Glasses | Yoko Ono tweets a picture that should never have been taken #makegunviolenceharder

Gay parents too: Am. Acad. Pediatrics "supports access for all children to civil marriage rights for their parents..."

How does increased prevalence of parent-reported autism in school kids affect the practice of #youthwork? #parent

UPDATE: US gun deaths in the 94 days since the Newtown slaughter climbed to 2763 #makegunviolenceharder

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