Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Post-Ironic Millennial Speaks | Updated

This is Brian Boyle. Brian plays The Post-Ironic Millennial. His job, as The Post-Ironic Millennial, is provoking thoughtful reflection and dialogue in small groups of youth workers, parents and teenagers who wrestle with ongoing spiritual formation. He's pretty good at what he does.

Now you can get three digital shorts from The Post-Ironic Millennial for just $2.79 US. 

Watch Flannel Graph Jesus below and, if you find it thought-provoking, follow the onscreen link to get three discussion starters—Flannel Graph Jesus, Just Like it Says in the Bible and Rememberfor just $2.79 — or rent it for $2.29

If you're social (and I know you are): You can own these three videos for your own use AND you can gift them as free rentals to three friends of your choosing at no additional charge. If you find a better deal than that (assuming stealing the movies outright is not to your liking), I think you'd better grab it.

Q: Where's the Study Guide?
A: Use these movies in your small group with The Last Study Guide You'll Ever Need.

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