Saturday, December 29, 2012

An American Prayer | On the Third Sunday Following a Killing Spree

Almighty and everliving God,
If it be Thy will that we 
ought in all good conscience to change anything
in thought, word, or deed
to prevent the evil or the mad from
misusing these Thy gifts of semi-automatic 
sports rifles bearing
frangible ammunition in
high capacity magazines to
snuff the wick of life from
children and other noncombatants, 
grant us a sign--
clear and convincing--
that we may with one mind and heart agree
to forego a portion of our marginal profits and
endure some diminution at the margins
of our precious personal freedom.

So we do now wait on Thee,
pledging that should some sign issue 
unmistakably from Thy hand,
we will lay this matter to rest
even as we have so recently
laid to rest the bodies of 
those we grieve this day.

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