Saturday, July 28, 2012

If you heard Obama hates business people, read this letter from Costco founder Jim Sinegal

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Dear Jim --

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jim Sinegal, recently retired CEO and co-founder of Costco.

When my partner Jeff Brotman and I opened our first warehouse in Seattle in 1983, we started with nothing but our own initiative and our personal credit cards that we used to pay for our startup expenses.

Almost 30 years later, we have 605 stores and 160,000 employees. Costco is America's second largest retailer, and as you probably know, the foundation of our business is serving small entrepreneurs -- people like you -- with the everyday products you need to run your business.

You might be seeing some ads or hearing some folks say that President Obama doesn't support small business owners. But he understands that small businesses grow and prosper because of individual initiative -- because entrepreneurs like you and me do the hard work it takes, and we can't do it alone.

My own story is proof -- I come from a very humble background, and I truly believe that I couldn't have succeeded in any other place but America. I got a good, affordable education from a state university. I had the chance to pitch my business plan to investors, and they heard and supported me. Thanks to a strong nationwide transportation system and internal infrastructure, we've opened warehouses across the country and around the world.

Watch this video to get the facts -- then join Small Business Owners for Obama to get the President's back.

President Obama is focused on creating an environment where small businesses can succeed, with the support of our government, our communities, and each other. That's why he's cut taxes for small business owners 18 times, and signed into law $200 billion in tax relief and incentives paid out over the past three years to encourage businesses to create jobs, invest, and grow. I'm proud to support him in this election.

Don't let Mitt Romney's misleading ads or false attacks tell you otherwise -- President Obama's support for small business owners is unwavering.

Find out the truth, and join Small Business Owners for Obama today to fight back:

I truly believe there's no other country in the world where we could have been as successful.



Jim Sinegal
Co-founder, Costco 

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