Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chloe Found Words | Fire Storm

Tim Ares Lynch
The breathtaking devastation in Colorado has reduced many of us to monosyllables and repeated murmurs of disbelief and anger and bargaining and, and, just, wow...

Chloe Lewis found words and brought them from somewhere deep, up and into the light for the rest of us. Chloe, who is 15, lives in Colorado Springs. I've had the good fortune to know her mom, Lara Lynn, since she was 15.

Thanks Chloe.
Fingers and tongs of viscous heat tear and crawl through the land
With roaring flames jumping through the trees and eating the grass
Slowly reaching and creeping toward the homes of our loved ones
The air becomes thick with the choking smoke
Families gathering what they can before they are forced to leave the place where they grew and raised their children
They run from the oncoming fire toward safety
With sinking heart they watch as their home, not their house, but THEIR HOME goes up in flames
So many families who have had to flee
Children and parents hoping and praying
Communities coming together
Friends and families watching after each other
Let us weave a tight net or shield of prayers to cover and protect homes and families alike
To protect the firefighters
To protect the animals
To protect the spirit of the ones whose homes will or have burned
Let there be no casualties
And if there are, pray for the families of the ones that we have lost
Pray for all of us 


Talia J said...

Wonderful words from one so young in the middle of a disaster. Hope her and her family are safe and make it through with as little loss as possible.

Jim Hancock said...

Yeh, Chloe brought a lot of grace through her words didn't she...