Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now It's Personal: The Costs of Repealing Health Reform

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Anonymous said...

there is a lot in this video. first, there are tell tale signs in her presentation. every time time she mentions savings, she uses words like potentially and could be or can be, she does the double swallow and doesn't even look the camera in the eye most of the time. she mentions "bringing" more people into and under the health care "program." she means, FORCING people to come into and under the program. as we have seen throughout the history of the greatest country on earth, our programs continually "fall short," to use an over used but, understated statement. i agree, government should get involved, but not as a mother but, as protector. make the insurance companies comply with rules and laws that bring down the cost of health care by, setting limits on total profits. getting more money to the doctors and nurses instead of insurance adjusters.

rich, is rich enough. look at the way government wastes. federal, state, county and city governments waste money way to easily because their tax and errrr fee base is endless. they screw up, the fees and taxes go up. why do these employees have cars provided by the gov? does your employer give you a car? are your work hours significantly lowered because your employer pays for you to ride gov run transits? why should gov employees have a union? why does this errrr life of "giving back" cost double of the private sector? is it because the gov employee is so highly reguarded as exceptional and twice as good as the employee in the private sector? think DMV, Building Dept, IRS etc. i could go on and on and on but, the bottom line is, there is not going to be any quick fixes and we should beware any quick fixes, especially by a socialistic bureaucracy!