Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Jon Stewart | The Gretch Who Saved the War on Christmas

A holiday classic? You decide...

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The Gretch Who Saved the War on Christmas
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Anonymous said...

92% of the people claim affiliation with the Christian church. the other 8% is divided between all other religions, including the religion of atheism. Yet, our pc nation gives into the minority. why? in a nation founded on the principle of "by the people and for the people" and where, supposedly we have a vote that should be our voice but, is overturnable by the courts. as if judges have some divine rule. what is wrong with the word Christmas? Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...Have a parade in the name of your religion, who cares? Is there a W.E.T. Channel? It's easy to make fun of people in the name of inclusivity isn't it? The joke is really...what this cry baby nation has become! please reread this in a non-rant voice to see if there is any logic in it...i'll enjoy you're laughter!

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot to say, I don't really care what the name of the parade is and really wish parades weren't named after the King of Heaven, but to make people change the name to gain some pretend inclusivity is the problem in a pretend democratic society.

Jim Hancock said...

Good morning Anonymous. I tend to agree with you about naming parades after the King of Heaven. But then I've never been big on parades as a concept.

I think the big idea in the piece is:

"...Christmas survived the Roman Empire...I think it can survive the renaming of the Tulsa parade."

I don't think the people of God ever needed political cover to do the work of God's kingdom. Not back in the day in Corinth, and not this year in Tulsa or Tallahassee.

Anonymous said...

i agree to a point.

but, if 10,000 folks called it the pig parade and 100 folks wanted it titled the vegan parade, so the authorities changed the name to include the vegans, even though the veggies hated piggists and belittled the pig lovers, i would still have a problem with the minority bullying. Even if the Corinthians Jews were able to eat pigs. Circular arguments have there place, but not when it comes to the minority. It's not a race argument or a gender argument or a sexual preference argument, its a cultural argument.