Monday, September 27, 2010

Raising Adults for the 21st Century

OK, that title is a play on words celebrating the news that, as of today, Raising Adults is available for:
Kindle at Amazon 
iPad at Apple*
PDF readers of any sort at Youth Specialties
Beyond the word play, I am convinced that people who practice and refine the relational patterns in Raising Adults really do produce women and men who are well suited for life in the world as we know it today.

Priced to Take You Back to the Future

I've put this book in digital form and priced it super-low (just $2.99/$2.99/$4.99 US) because — to cop a line from the writer Cory Doctorow (I'm pretty sure he snatched it from Tim O'Reilly) —
This book doesn't suffer from piracy; it suffers from obscurity.
I decided to remove the risk of buying Raising Adults so more people — I'm thinking anyone on any continent who reads English and cares about kids — can make it their own.

At those prices (we're talking numbers we haven't seen since the 1950s) , reading Raising Adults carries more risk than scraping together the change to buy it.

And in fairness I have to admit it is a somewhat risky read if we can judge such things by how mad this book makes some people of the high control, patronize-the-children-and-keep-them-silent-fat-and-happy school of parenting. Oops! Did I say that out loud?

So. Buy the book to read on your computer, Kindle or iPad — by the way, it's totally searchable when you read it that way so if you need to locate a quick topical quote or a short passage to spark conversation at a parents' meeting, it could hardly be easier.

If you truly hate this book (not so much that you want me dead but enough that you want me to suffer like you did reading it), tell me that and we'll try to work something out — maybe I'll come trim your lawn or something...if you buy the plane ticket.

And if you like Raising Adults, tell your friends.

* If you own an iPad/iPhone, you probably already know there's no online bookstore that you can navigate to from your computer — you get to books through the iBookstore app on your hand held device. You probably also know that Kindle books look great on your Apple device.


Anonymous said...

i shared your link on FB and a friend commented to ask whether it's available for the Nook. i asked her if the Nook can read PDF's, and if so, to go to the Youth Specialties link. is that her best course of action?

i have the original version of the book, but i'm looking forward to reading the revised one. i'm getting a Kindle for Christmas, so i think i'll wait and read it then.


Jim Hancock said...

Well...silly me. I should have mentioned the Nook.

I'm waiting for word from Barnes & Noble that they're ready to go.

I'll let you know!


Jim Hancock said...

oops! I totally forgot to say, "Yes; you can buy Raising Adults for the Barnes & Noble Nook." Enjoy!