Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Dog + the Dolphin

[h/t Mindy]

Monday, August 09, 2010

Passionate But Not Careful

The other day a friend of a friend informed me matter-of-factly:
The fact is most of The presidents cabinet has no clue how to fix the problems they are worsening. Interesting fact, only 8% of the presidents cabinet members were previously employed in the private sector. That is the lowest amount of any president ever. Eisenhower had 57%, Reagan had 53%, and W Bush had 51%.
Setting aside issues of who does what in government, this 8% of cabinet members previously employed in the private sector struck me as just the sort of thing that's easy to check these days.

8% of 20 first-term cabinet members comes to just 1.6 individuals this person claims were previously employed in the private sector.

Susan Rice and the recently-resigned Peter Orszag were both consultants for McKinsey & Company — so we're already at 10%.

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Message from Charles Sherrod | On [G]RACE

Salon's Joan Walsh sent a message to Charles Sherrod, husband of the now celebrated Shirley Sherrod, inviting comment on a piece at Salon.com.

"He got back to me," Walsh writes, "and this is all he said:
The attack on my wife has opened up an avalanche of discussion on a tabooed subject...RACE. It is a blessing to be an instrument of God's GRACE.
I wonder: What part do (can, should, must) people like you and me play as instruments of God's grace on this subject, in this moment?