Thursday, January 21, 2010

A letter to Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts

I know Senator-elect Brown has and will have a full plate the next few weeks before things get really busy. At a time when I expect Mr. Brown is hearing from a great many people who want more of one thing or another, I've written today asking for less...

Dear Senator-elect Brown

One of the issues you will be addressing in your new office is the treatment of US-held detainees. Joining other members of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, I urge you to carve out time to re-think your position on waterboarding and other “enhanced” interrogation techniques. I am convinced, as most Americans are, that these techniques constitute torture and are patently illegal. Further, as a person of faith, I believe torture is immoral and inexcusable.

Please sir, before you swear your oath before God and your fellow citizens, consider the moral values of this nation and your own spiritual beliefs and oppose the use of waterboarding and all interrogation techniques that you would call abusive, inhumane or a shock to the conscience if they were perpetrated on you, your family, or any American.


Jim Hancock

For more on the case against torture by the US and US surrogates, see David Cole's remarkable piece in the January 14 issue of New York Review of Books. You can read it here.

[Senator-elect Brown photo by James Wellman]

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