Tuesday, November 18, 2008

open letter to Senator Lieberman

Senator, I heard you explain your attacks on Senator Obama by saying it was in the heat of the campaign and these things happen to all of us. Really, sir? Is that your message to your grandchildren? It's worth noting that Senator Obama did not say, in the heat of the campaign, the kinds of things you said. Your colleagues may look the other way; I don't know if your constituents will. I would say a more reflective mea culpa might cost considerably less than what you're likely to pay for today's schoolboyish dismissal of responsibility for your words. Man up Senator...for the kids.


daniel King said...

"And there are some that I made that I wish I had not made at all. And obviously in the heat of campaigns, that happens to all of us. But I regret that. And now it's time to move on"

It feels disingenuous when the person apologizing takes time to point out that the-other-kids-did-it-too.

Mr. Lieberman, this is not acceptable. Pointing out the obviousness of this type of behavior soils what could have been an apology. And what do you regret exactly? Do you regret the (implied) fact that everyone says things during a campaign they later regret? Do you regret WHAT YOU said or do you just wish your wouldn't have said it?

Sorry but I fail to see contrition. Try again.

jim hancock said...

OK, well, that makes two of us. Anyone else want a piece of this?

J.P. St. Pierre said...

I hope all these goofballs like Lieberman in the government can put aside their strange cult of personality media whoring and get some work done for a change.

jim hancock said...

i hear that!