Sunday, October 19, 2008

3.1 Million Americans @ $86 = Vote for Change

Through September, 2008, 3.1 million American donated an average of $86 to the campaign to elect Barack Obama president.

I am one of those donors.

The $150 million given to Obama|Biden in September 2008 included money from more than 600,000 new donors — the biggest increase in new contributors during the campaign.

The greatest number of people backing the Obama|Biden campaign financially are retirees and students — showing once again, perhaps, that my generation continues to be the tiniest bit tone deaf when it comes to things our children and parents hear with greater clarity. I think that sounds like yet another wake up call to reclaim the political and social vision so many of us let slip away in The Big Chill

One way or another, I hope the liars and fear-mongers fail utterly — they know who they are and, two weeks from electing a new Administration and a good chunk of the next Congress, I think we do too.

We have a chance to reboot. Let's do it.

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