Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RPS | tell it like it is Dr Laura

This morning on Today, I heard Laura Schlesinger say Gov. Eliot Spitzer's sexual infidelity was his effort to fix what was wrong in his marriage. Dr (sic) Laura placed the blame for the whole thing squarely on the shoulder of his wife — apparently for her failure to be his mommy, though I admit I was lost there for a moment.

Come On! why can't Dr Laura call it what it is? She's a doctor, why can't she bring the weight of medical science to bear and describe this tragedy in medical terms? Gov. Spitzer is a victim of the scourge of RPS — restless penis syndrome.*

I first learned about RPS from a medical segment on the NBC News Magazine Saturday Night Live and it really helped me understand the anguish so many of my friends and relatives have endured. It also, just between us, made me take a good look at my own genetic risk for RPS...but that's another story.

What's important to say right now is, this is not a time for recrimination; this a time for healing. Give to the Restless Penis Foundation today. Someone you know suffers from RPS. Come on! Give it up!


MarkM said...

I made a donation to the fund today.

jim hancock said...

Thank you my brother.

Now, who else will give?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gail Saltz, female psychiatrist, consultant to MSNBC, once received a request for advice from a man whose wife had cheated on him. Dr. Saltz's reply to the man consisted of, What did you do to your wife to cause her to cheat on you.

The other side of the coin is that women cheat on their husbands, and I speak from personal experience. My first marriage ended because of the infidelity of my now ex wife. When women cheat on their husband, they almost universally blame it on their husbands.

In my case, my ex's relationship with her lover broke down and she wanted to recioncile with mw. Her spin on our split was that she did not desert me. I had driven her away via my insensitivity to all her problems. She was quite unhappy when I filed for divorce.

One of her girl friends accused me of hypocrisy because I was angry and hurt over her infidelity. I had never cheated on her so why was I a hypocrite. According to my ex's girlfriend, I would have cheated on my ex if I had had the chance. That seems to be typical of how a cuckolded husband is treated.

jim hancock said...

Well...ouch. I'm sorry for your enduring pain.

I really hope you find what you need.