Sunday, November 11, 2007

biting the hand that feeds me (i think...maybe)

Here's a chicken and egg conundrum courtesy of filmmaker Robert Greenwald whose point couldn't be clearer: Fox News may well be more sexually graphic than its self-identified entertainment sibling Fox Broadcast — all behind the guise of outrage at the sexualization of American media culture.

To prove this Mr Greenwald shows graphic examples from the Fox News feed — some of which are quite simply crazy (like the bump and grind Spring Break footage that dominates the screen while reporters in a little box cover a bit of serious news about a murderer in South Florida.

So...full disclosure...I've written several books published a company now owned by a company owned by a company owned by the company that owns Fox News and Fox Broadcast (home of The Simpsons!). I'm not entirely clear what that makes me.

And I'm offering you the opportunity in the frame below to view the offending footage from Fox News in Robert Greenwald's exposé. I'm not certain what that makes me either.

You can get back to me with clarifications if you have them...


daniel said...

I now know where to come to get my, um, hmm...what you might call catalytic material (interpret how you want). Keep the steamy videos streaming and none of us will have to clear our browser histories. In all cereal-ness, this is an example of why I don't watch infotainment stations anymore. I rely on people such as yourself and various on-line news sources. Good ole' News Corp. The Murdoc is the doc.

J.P. said...

The only way all those talking heads can get to perv on the scantily clad girls is to pretend that they are horrified by them. And, all the other pervs out there won't change the channel. "Honey, I'm not watching soft porn, I'm watching the news."