Friday, September 07, 2007

number one with a bullet

Just arrived in British Columbia where this 60 second spot carries particular significance because about 800 Canadians died from gunshot wounds in 2003 — the most recent year for which figures are complete.

In the US there were just over 30,000 deaths by gunshot in 2003.

Take that Canada. We're Number One! We're Number One!...


bobbie said...

i was watching the cbc one night and laughed out loud because there was a front run news story about a little girl who was shot with a bb gun after a softball game in ontario - headline news in canada people - a bb gun.

those 30,000 don't include all of the stupidity that happens with guns too - just those who died.

it's such a different world up here. you should come join us, it's lovely!

jim hancock said...

it is lovely. thanks for the invitation.