Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Scooter Libby, George W Bush + Moral Clarity

I've come to think that George W Bush has the kind of moral clarity I associate with certain Christian ministers I have known who could preach a hell of a sermon AND use their power to seduce and molest women and girls. I won't take time to list those individuals here . . . well, maybe just a few first names: Don, Mike, Millard . . . not all of them, understand, but you get the point.

Mr Bush, we know, can preach a hell of a sermon about National Security and The Homeland and The Troops, but I think his behavior over time is despicably inconsistent with his words.

I know, Mr Libby was not convicted of outing the CIA agent Valerie Plame — though I don't have any reasonable doubt that's what he did. Had Mr Libby come clean in anything like real time we might not be in Iraq — and by we I mean The Troops from paragraph two above.

Mr Bush has decided Mr Libby will suffer enough without spending 30 months in jail and so has commuted that portion of his sentence. 30 months, for those of us keeping score at home, is two tours in Iraq for The Troops about whom Mr Bush has preached so fervently while seducing and molesting the American electorate. I feel certain he would say we wanted it — not unlike Don and Mike and Millard . . .

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