Wednesday, May 09, 2007

good for CNN

I'm not crazy about the early onset of 2008 presidential campaigning and I'm picky about what I watch on CNN as elsewhere, but I'm pleased the Cable News Network will make its debate coverage available without retriction following the events.
Due to the historical nature of presidential debates and the significance of these forums to the American public, CNN believes strongly that the debates should be accessible to the public. The candidates need to be held accountable for what they say throughout the election process.

The presidential debates are an integral part of our system of government, in which the American people have the opportunity to make informed choices about who will serve them. Therefore, CNN debate coverage will be made available without restrictions at the conclusion of each live debate.

We believe this is good for the country and good for the electoral process. This decision will apply to all of CNN's presidential debates, beginning with the upcoming New Hampshire debates in June.

Among other things that means we'll be able to view the debates online days, weeks, months, years after they happen live and determine for ourselves what each candidate said and what we believe he or she meant. Now that's a no-spin zone.

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