Tuesday, January 02, 2007

saving face | losing lives

American boys in armored jackets and night scopes patrolling the streets of Baghdad are not going to pacify this country, any more than they will convert it to Methodism. They are there to die so that a man in the White House doesn't have to admit that he, George W. Bush, the decider, the one in the cowboy boots, made grievous mistakes. He approved a series of steps that he himself had not the experience or acumen or simple curiosity to question and which had been dumbed down for his benefit, and then he doggedly stuck by them until his approval ratings sank into the swamp.
— Garrison Keillor, in Daddy Issues, Salon.com, January 3, 2006

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Heidi Renee said...

Wow, Garrison Keillor has the ability to use works like a Ginsu knife doesn't he?

What I'm starting to wonder/worry about is the fact that we know GWB has admitted a struggle with alcoholism in his past. And from my own experience with recovery I know that living in denial is a HUGE sign that there are real problems. Does anyone else wonder if he's working his program?