Thursday, January 25, 2007

calling in a debt at the White House

Dear Mr President,

The question before us is, "Can another 20 thousand US troops secure the safety of Baghdad's citizens beyond the day those US Soldiers and Marines leave?"

I find no reason to believe they can.

Mr President, I'm afraid "you broke it, you bought it" includes living with the consequences of your failed policy.

I don't believe the debt you owe can be paid under the terms you've outlined.

The 109th Congress should have taken care of this but they didn't. That's why we elected the 110th Congress.

So, sorry, but we're cutting you off.

I find myself resisting the urge to quote the Bible at you here . . . You'll have to find another way to make the best of this wretched mess . . .


Jim Hancock


bobbie said...

oh his bible doesn't have those verses in it jim, so quote away! :)

prioritizewisely said...

unfortunately, jim, when we pull out, and massive slaughters occur and baghdad becomes a militaristic haven breeding ground for evil, it will not only rest on bush's conscience, but also yours, for you champion the withdrawal, you sicko. why not let the military, who signed up to do this, and bush the instigator, and freer of the people of iraq, follow through with their promises to the iraqis. Yes, america is hurting a little, but iraq needs us more, you selfish sicko. You should be writing childrens poems or something, where your propaganda can do less harm.