Thursday, September 07, 2006

19 days

Congress is scheduled to work for 19 days between now and the November 2006 elections.

Scenario One: Bluff and Bluster and Playing to the Base
Everyone concentrates on trying to scare the hell of out of people who might be persuaded to vote their way in hopes of tipping enough votes out of the middle to get elected or reelected.

Scenario Two: The Handwriting on the Wall
The Current Occupant rallies the troops to pass dangerous anti-democracy measures in the twilight of it's majority and prays the new Democratic majority in Congress won't be large enough to make the Bush Administration look worse in it's final two years than it already appears.

Scenario Three: Stop the Madness
Dozens of senators and hundreds of representatives come to their senses and govern with dignity and respect in an admittedly belated attempt to fulfill the oath of office. They apologize for their misbehavior and promise, if reelected, to continue their reformed course.

Here is a significant statement from the editors of the Washington Post about the dangers of Scenario Two.

This might be a good time to email our senators and representatives.

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