Thursday, July 06, 2006

why do you hate America, Mr. Hastert

Mister Speaker, why do you hate America?

The nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute and the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
say that, adjusted for inflation, the value of the minimum wage is at its lowest level since 1955.

A separate study by the Economic Policy Institute found that in 2005 an average chief executive officer in America "earns more before lunchtime on the very first day of work in the year than a minimum wage worker earns all year."

The Economic Policy Institute's Jared Bernstein says your tireless effort to repeal the estate tax while sandbagging an increase in poverty-level wages is "vicious class warfare against working families."

I agree. America is Americans – an ungodly number of whom have on your watch slipped into poverty even as they work full time.

Why do you hate America, Mr. Hastert? Just answer the question.

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