Saturday, June 10, 2006

and another thing . . .

If I hear one more person refer to marriage as an institution, I think I'll throw up.

This marriage I'm in is not an institution; it's a relationship.

Anyone who's paying attention knows institutions are waning while relationships are rising. I don't think we can't have it both ways.


J.P. said...

Don't you remember the movie The Princess Bride?

"Maw-wige...maw-wige ees enn enstitoosion."

jim hancock said...

once again, J.P., i am humbled by your encyclopedic knowledge...everything

Chris Weide said...

Your take on things is always so refreshing. I've been to one too many weddings lately where "marriage was the first institution ordained by God." I don't think my relationship with my wife can be neatly or handily relegated to the vast pile of institutions we use up and discard when they become obsolete or inconvenient.

Keep me thinking, Jim!