Wednesday, October 19, 2005

more free slides + an outline

I've just returned from Pittsburgh where, with my good friend and writing partner Rich Van Pelt, I taught the second of three eight-hour Critical Concern Courses at Youth Specialties' National Youth Workers Conventions. The series finishes in Nashville on Novemeber 17,18.

The course is based on our new book, The Youth Worker's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis — which is based on our lives' work with youth workers, adolescents and their families (not to mention a pretty thorough literature review).

The Crisis book is going to a third printing (it was released the second week of August -- which makes it far and away the fastest selling title of my life to date). This is both heartening (because we appear to have struck on something important -- as if we didn't know this) and disheartening (because the needs are so much greater than than they should be -- in that perfect world we keep muttering about).

You can download (free) the 300 Pittsburgh slides here. We'll post the Nashville slides in due time.

You'll find a free pdf of the Dangerous Opportunity course outline here.

There's free access to end notes from the Crisis book — including State Sex Offender Registries and Sex Abuse Reporting numbers at the Youth Specialties website.

Download (free) the chapter on Terror (it's a primer on preparing for and responding to human-caused and natural terror) here.

Finally, the Crisis Book is available at the Youth Specialties Online Store as well as all the usual places.

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