Tuesday, August 30, 2005

sorrow and resolve

My friend Joy wrote:

"you said in your most recent post that you think the senate is going to have to hold the administration's feet to the fire ... of course they should, but do you truly think they will? i'd love nothing more than to see some accountability, but it seems the most devastating piece of all this is the complete evaporation of the concept."

I think we have to tell our Senators what we want them to do. We can embolden them to act.

Senate email addresses are here. Brief messages to our own Senators and messages of appreciation to Senators whose public statements, speeches and votes we applaud will help them decide to do the hard thing in the days just ahead -- which I think many of them already want to do.

I wish we'd settled this in the 2004 election cycle. But I think we have another shot this Fall -- this week, today -- to tell our Senators what we want.

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